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Finger Strengthener Game Controller

Using just a Makey Makey, aluminum tape, and a finger strengthener you can make a therapeutic game controller for an Xbox or Computer.

Wrap aluminum tape over and under the lip of each finger grip surface. Add aluminum tape to base with one end of the tape folded over so it's sturdier to connect with alligator clips. Test it to make sure it will make contact with the tape under the lip of the grip surface. I added arrows as a cognitive cue to each "button" since it's not immediately understandable which finger should go where. Connect the alligator clips to each tape at the base and connect it to the Makey Makey. Once ground is connected to your body by holding the alligator clip or using a grounding bracelet, touching the finger grip to the aluminum tape will move the current down through the tape under the lip. Then pressing down each finger so that it touches the base tape should connect the circuit. Note that there are limited games that work with a Makey Makey.

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