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Custom interventions and savings

Maybe you already are using switches in practice, but devices that cost $50 or more dollars often can be made for much less. Embracing a maker mindset will lead to cost savings over traditional catalog purchases. Reaching goals and saving money for your company or organization results in positive marketing opportunities for our profession.

For example, using a Makey Makey for interventions allows many types of interventions.

Sensory interventions:

Touching the water connects the circuit and sends a "space key" to the computer so the client can interact with a game. The water can be replaced with the optimum therapeutic experience for the client.

Social interventions:

This game is played with a partner and a "space key" is sent to the computer when the partners touch. More people can be added and collaboration and cooperative can be addressed while playing a game.

Motor learning interventions:

The game is played by pronating and supinating the jar with conductive materials. When the materials touch the top of the jar a "space key" is sent to the computer. The weight and size of the grip can be customized for the client.

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