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Announcing - Hands-On Therapeutic Game Workshop & Special Pricing

An update from this weekend

​I was thrilled to talk to many OTs at the Spelbring Lectureship about Therapeutic Gaming and the maker mindset. To me it takes on many of the founding principles of occupational therapy like making due with what you have and making occupation the center of your practice.

<Pictured left - Our display at the Spelbring Lectureship>

If you didn't have a chance to learn about the workshop, it's generally about how to integrate computer games into therapeutic practice. It focuses on creating simple interfaces with a circuit board and everyday materials. My goal is that everyone that attends will feel confident to implement this in their practice.

To help make your choice for signing up even easier, I've extended the special pricing of $45 from the Spelbring Lectureship for the next week. There is limited seating, so register early.


Hands-On Therapeutic Game Workshop

Sat, Oct 27, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

EMU, Ypsilanti, MI

To register, go to

Please share this post with people you think would be interested.


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