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Recycled Corian: An amazing FREE resource for OT makerspaces!!

We have thousands of these 2x2 tiles and are always looking for new projects to make in our school-based practice. We use a CNC router to engrave dishwasher and decorative magnets, ornaments, and game tiles.

Kitchen and bath manufacturers provide these samples for showrooms and when colors are discontinued, so are the samples. Companies are very excited to save money on waste disposal fees and we are more than happy to use free materials to create meaningful, occupation-centered projects with our clients!

Tic Tac Toe engraved tiles/bag with heat transfer vinyl on U-Line hardware bag

Don't have a router? No problem! Here are a few ideas for your corian projects:

Memory bag: Made in OT. Heat transfer vinyl on U-line bag

1. Paint and seal with modge podge acrylic sealer.

2. Print a design on clear contact paper, adhere to tile and trace/engrave with handheld dremel

3. Add vinyl stickers with vinyl cutter or a cricut digital die cutter.

4. Sublimate custom images onto the tile with sublimation printer and heat press!

Larger pieces of Corian can be melted to create functional pieces of art!

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